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Last year we had the ugliest lawn on the block but thanks to Triton lawn & irrigation we now have Yard of the Month! We want to thank you for outstanding lawn service!
~Karren Jennings

Thank you for bringing our lawn back to life. I truly thought it would be hopeless. You guys are amazing and our yard has never been better, Thanks again!
~Ron Moss

Thank goodness we called. Our lawn was infested with grub worms. I thought we were going to loose the entire lawn. Thank you for saving my lawn. I think my neighbor has them as well so I will be giving him your number.
~Jacob Lawson

I had no idea how much damage a little worm could do to our lawn. When you discovered that there were many worms I was scared. Thank you for the comforting reasurance and taking care of the grub worm problem. You guys are the best!
~Janna Roberts

I still can't believe the new growth sprouting from a tree we thought would surely die. I will refer Triton Lawn & Irrigation to everyone I know. Great job guys.
~Eric Engle

The bug problem in our shrubs would have been devastating if not treated. Thanks to your knowledgeable shrub service we now have a healthy landscape again. We are very happy with Triton Lawn & Irrigation.
~Shawn Strickland

As a first time home owner I wanted to make sure to impress the neighbors and WOW! I don't know about them but I am certainly convinced that I have the best lawn service out there. Thanks Triton. My lawn looks amazing!
~Joe Shelton

Triton I really only have two words for you. YOU ROCK!
~Brad Blaylock